Why Bestropics Is So Popular With Consumers?

Quite a few of you have asked me why “Bestropics” Coconut water is becoming the leading choice of Coconut water in the retail and beverage distribution channel and to share some insight, so here goes.

Today modern consumers are more informed than ever before, and consumers want to live a life healthier for themselves and the planet.  As a result, increasing numbers of consumers are demanding tastier, healthier, more convenient, and more sustainable beverages. This begins by choosing healthier food and beverages with reduced or No Sugar added and healthier credentials.

One of the most noticeable industry changes in developing healthier beverages has been the push to reduce sugar content, yet retain a taste that consumers are accustomed to, and that’s where “Bestropics” Coconut water starts to differentiate itself from other brands.

Sweetened Beverage Taxation policies are being constantly imposed on beverages that have less or no sugar. This taxation also drives up the cost of the product on the shelf, and that creates reluctancy from a retail or distribution channel to carry a brand that doesn’t adhere to providing a beverage as a healthy offering.

“Bestropics” Coconut water is extracted from Coconuts that grow in the most fertile alluvial soil and extracted from young tender coconuts only. As a result, it has “No added Sugar”, the Taste is second to none (9 out of 10 consumers once they taste it, appreciate its unique taste), meets all international certifications for full traceability and peace of mind, and because it is supplied by a trusted manufacturer that has its sales office right here in North America, there is never a shortage of Inventory.

Coconut water provides multiple benefits and is often referred to as “Nature’s sports drink”, as it is packed with electrolytes and has a slew of benefits. This refreshing beverage is great on its own or used in healthy smoothie recipes, and its known for its slightly sweet and nutty flavour.

We process over 300,000 Coconuts a day, bottle 9,000 Tetra Packs and hour and export over 90 million Tetra packs per annum to multiple countries Globally. Our Factory meets all international requirements such as FSSC/HACCP/Health Canada/FDA/Halal/Kosher, etc. to name a few.

We are constantly looking for partners to help get this product into the taste buds of many consumers as possible to enjoy its benefits, so if you are a Beverage Distributer or a Food Service provider, a juice company or a Retail chain or independent store, please  feel free to reach out to us at Sales@Thabicona.com or call 604-785-3313.

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