Who is Thabico Foods and how can they help “Enhance Every Day Value”?

Thabico Foods (Vietnam) is one of the largest Tropical Fruit processors in Asia.

We cater to a wide range of Clientele all over the world and have recently opened up our North American Sales Office in Langley, British Columbia, Canada to help you with your needs.

We offer unlimited opportunities for our partners as we help “Enhance Every Day Value – right from the source”.

As a Global processor/manufacturer, we meet all food safety and traceability requirements such as ISO/HACCP/BRC/GFSI/KOSHER/HALAL/ORGANIC/GLUTEN FREE/NON-GMO, etc.

Below is a quick summary of our current Product Offerings;

1. COCONUT products such as pure Coconut water, Coconut Milk, Coconut Cream, Coconut Meat, etc. Our Coconut water is offered in retail size packs of 330 ml and 1 Liter Tetra Packs and our Coconut milk and cream is offered in retail size packs of 400ml as well as in Bulk 200kg drums. Our Coconut Meat is offered in retail sizes as well as in 1 kg or 10kg bags for bulk. Our Coconut products are offered under our National Brand “BESTROPICS” as well as under “PRIVATE LABEL”. We currently process at our Factory 300,000 coconuts per day, equal to about 130,000-140,000 litres of coconut water per day and churn out 9,000 bottles an hour.

2. IQF Tropical Fruits and Vegetables in various packaging sizes such 400/600gm packs to 1 Kg/10Kg as well as 180/240kg Drums (bulk) offered both under our National Brand “BESTROPICS” and “PRIVATE LABEL”.

3. JUICE/PUREE in NFC/Concentrate Frozen in 180/240KG Drums (Bulk).

4. FREEZE DRIED Tropical Fruits in various packaging such as 20 gm snack Packs, 50 Gm and 100Gm offered both under our National Brand “BESTROPICS” and “PRIVATE LABEL”.

5. PHO – Instant Noodles Beef, Vegetable and Tom Yum Flavor in offered both under our National Brand “BESTROPICS” and “PRIVATE LABEL”.

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