What Are Consumers Looking For In Coconut Products?

As a manufacturer, we are in constant communication with our wholesale, retail and stakeholder partners, and an interesting trend continues to evolve in certain non-alcoholic beverage sales such as coconut water.

Most consumers today, are looking for beverages that besides the taste, offer healthy alternatives and hence the popularity of coconut water continues to grow, owing to its nutritional content.

While this trend continues to evolve in consumer behavior, it is also having an adverse effect on distributor/retailer procurement.  As a result, distributors/retailers are now taking a much closer look at the beverages they are carrying and slowly eliminating non-alcoholic beverages, that don’t offer healthy benefit options. Some distributor/retailers have gone as far as actually scrutinising every brand that they carry, by physically tasting the product and understanding the sugar content, health benefits of the beverage, etc.

Consumers have more impact than ever today as it should be and besides taste, health benefits on beverages consumed, Distributors/Retailers and Stakeholders are now paying close attention to sustainable agricultural development.

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